Historic Renovations

We here at South Jersey Hardwood and SRL Floor covering pride ourselves on our sanding and refinishing, installation of hardwood and carpet, tile, and luxury vinyl products. It's truly a miraculous sight when we walk onto a job site of an grand old Victorian or similarly aged building, and sand down and polish each of those floorboards to bring it back to it's original pristine beauty, or give a new spin by changing up the color or product entirely. We have been sought after time and time again in the South Jersey Area, particularly our work has shined on the isle of Cape May, exit 0 right off the parkway. We've done dozens upon dozens of renovations to older more classic style homes there, as many of the buildings in Cape May are quite aged, and some of these having the ORIGINAL hardwood installed from when the building was first built, and having said floors come out even more impressive than a brand new pre-finished floors! Each and every time we do so both we and our clients have remarked the professionalism, quality, and overall gorgeousness of our work when it's finished. We hope you'll do the same!